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Move Over White Island, Kitchen Cabinet Color is Taking Over!

When you enter a kitchen, what’s the first thing that grabs your eye? Is it the light fixtures? The refrigerator with magnets littered all across the front surface? The center table? For most of us (and because of the majority of past design trends), the white island was the centerpiece. There was something grand and proud about this focal point of the kitchen. But now, what’s truly eye-catching is less focused on the island and more about the kitchen cabinet color.

Adding color to your kitchen with cabinets is not only the statement, but it’s the change you need to bring life to your kitchen space.

So, What Does Color Actually Do?

Whether you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen or not, there’s no doubt about it—adding color freshens, brightens, and adds value to space. Plus, statement colors have become one of the latest trends in home design. In fact, according to the 2021 Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey, 41% of homeowners see value in the contrast between their island and kitchen cabinets.

There’s a definite shift away from the matchy-matchy and a rise in the boldness.

And what does that look like in a contemporary kitchen? Well, some homeowners prefer classic colors that never go out of style. Others may opt for neutrals or dark colors (even black!). Or, some may be inclined to do the opposite, light or bright colors to create a more ‘airy’ and open feel.

Paint Kitchen Color Island

When it comes to adding the color ‘pop,’ there’s actually no right or wrong way—which makes this trend even more appealing, especially to new homeowners or those on a lower budget. Rather than reconfiguring the entire space, you can make big changes by upgrading your cabinets.

Make Big Changes without Breaking the Bank

Upgrading your kitchen always comes with a price tag. However, ripping out and/or replacing your entire kitchen island is not only a hassle, it’s incredibly expensive (not to mention it disrupts your entire kitchen flow being the center of the space!).

If you’re looking for the most affordable renovation option, upgrading your kitchen cabinets is the way to go. Not only is this process less intrusive than creating a giant mess in the middle of everything, but ends up with better results—in look, feel, usability, and of course, trendiness.

Blue Color Kitchen Cabiners

When you upgrade and bring in kitchen cabinet color, you also avoid other potential upgrades down the line, for example, having to repaint the walls or replace countertops/backsplash because your cabinets will draw the focus rather than these other surfaces.

Sure, upgrading cabinets will have costs associated with the process. And sure, you’ll have to be a bit inconvenienced as you find places to house your items during the renovation. However, the long-term benefits outweigh the negatives. Without completely redoing your kitchen space, you can bring in color, create powerful contrast, and keep your home aligned with the trends.

Cabinets Are Versatile

When it comes to choosing the right color for your kitchen, the good news is that kitchen cabinets are extremely versatile. Depending on your style, preferences, and kitchen layout, you can easily choose from our variety of options to find what fits your home best.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Grey Color Island

We also have a team of experts who can consult with you as you look through options and decide what works best in your space. Part of our process includes a Free Kitchen Consultation, which can help you navigate the ins and outs of your kitchen, sift through kitchen cabinet options, determine what will offer the best value for the money, and ultimately get you started on the renovation process.

At Cabinet Select, we also offer a variety of kitchen cabinet colors to fit your desires and dreams. Browse all of our kitchen cabinets, including white, antique white, light grey, grey, espresso, brown, shaker, and traditional to figure out what will create the vibe you want.

And, of course, if you need help, we’re here every step of the way.


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