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Frequently Asked Questions About CabinetSelect.com Products

Everyone from inexperienced DIYers to seasoned contractors can assemble RTA kitchen cabinets quickly and easily using only a screwdriver and a little glue if you want. Whether you’re a “handyman” or not, cabinet assembly is fast, fun, and satisfying.

Most orders are processed and shipped within a couple of days, although some may take longer. Shipping time depends on the carrier and delivery options you choose. Most orders are received within a few days.

Most people can quickly and easily assemble RTA cabinets using only a simple screwdriver. Some people choose to hire professional help, and if you wish, we may be able to refer you to an experienced local contractor. Shipping flat-packed RTA cabinets save money, usually far more than the cost of hired help.

For most types of RTA cabinets, everything you need is already included in your package. Wood glue isn’t necessary, but it’s always helpful unless you intend to disassemble your furniture sometime in the future.

Since the cabinet is cut and finished as a combined package, we can only offer complete cabinets. Fortunately, our prices are low enough that you can afford the entire top-quality cabinet, not just the front door.

Yes, all our cabinet doors and hardware are reversible. During the design process, you’ll be able to visualize the kitchen design options for right-side and left-side doors.

Yes, our RTA cabinets are designed and engineered for maximum strength and durability. Our cabinets look great with marble or granite tops, and they last for many years.

No, our cabinets meet or exceed all applicable guidelines. In recent years, we’ve improved the manufacturing process to ensure that our cabinets are “green” and non-toxic.

We’re especially proud of the new manufacturing industry emissions standards enacted in California, the toughest in the nation, which means a healthier future for our children.

No, we keep prices low with our lean operations. Instead of paying to manufacture a large inventory for display, we’d rather save money by making your  cabinets ​exactly the way you want them, including a perfect finish and your choice of hardware.

Yes, each RTA cabinet package includes hardware such as hinges, door pulls, and shelf brackets. During the kitchen design process, you can choose your desired hardware in a wide range of finishes in order to match your desired color and finish on the cabinet panels.

Our cabinet boxes are made out of 100% plywood. The face and door of the cabinet are made out of solid wood. The type of wood depends on the cabinet line.

Our shipping warehouses are located in New Jersey and Georgia. Depending on your location, the average shipping time is within 7 business days.

RTA means “Ready to Assemble”. Our cabinets come in flat boxes tightly packaged to ensure no damage is done during shipping. You will find all the parts needed to assemble our cabinets in every cabinet box.

Currently, we are not able to ship outside the U.S. through our site. If you are interested in our cabinet lines, feel free to call us, and we can find the best way to ship our cabinets outside the U.S.

You can find assembly instructions in every cabinet box. You can also check out our assembly videos on our video assembly page.

We currently do not provide Installation. We recommend hiring a state-licensed contractor.

Yes, we can help you over the phone, but we will still need verification from you to make sure your order includes what you need, so access to email is required. Once you approve, we can process the order through our site for you. Feel free to call us at 1-855-437-9663.

Yes, we offer discounts to our builders and subcontractors. Please check out our “Contractor Discounts page” or call us at 1-855-437-9663.

All the colors and styles of doors found on the site can not be modified. If you are interested in a custom look, we can help through other cabinet lines we offer and are not available online. Feel free to contact us at 1-855-437-9663.

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