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RTA Kitchen Cabinets

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RTA kitchen cabinets

Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets are a great money saving option for your home or office kitchen DIY remodeling. RTA kitchen cabinets are available in flat packages for pick-up or for delivery to your home or office. The kits include all the hardware and fasteners you’ll need for assembly.

Since RTA kitchen cabinets are a DIY project, you can save money by doing the assembly yourself; you have the widest range of choices for cabinet colors, finishes and hardware.

But before shopping for your new cabinets, take a few minutes to learn about their features and construction materials. Here we’ve gathered some valuable insights and assembly tips to help you save time and money.

RTA means “ready to assemble,” so all the parts are included together in one package. The cabinet panels are precut to the right sizes, predrilled and well-marked for easy assembly. Fasteners and hardware are included. Everything is intuitive and easy to assemble.

The precision-cut parts are stacked and packaged before being displayed in a warehouse or shipped to your home or office. Building cabinets this way gives you the greatest range of choices for materials, finishes and hardware, as well as the lowest prices.

There are RTA cabinets in some of the big-box retail stores, but online you’ll find better quality and lower prices with a much wider selection of finishes and hardware. Bricks-and-mortar showrooms only have enough space to display a few typical samples.

Since it’s much more cost-effective to ship furniture packaged flat instead of delivering it already assembled, online is usually your best source for DIY cabinets. By doing the right homework first, you can find top-quality cabinets at low prices.

The first step is to look for quality. You’ll recognize quality of product through quality of presentation. If a website contains poorly written or limited information, then you’ll want to look elsewhere.

There are two ways to save money with RTA kitchen cabinets. First, you save on shipping costs, since flat-packed boxes are always cheaper to ship from a factory or warehouse to your home.

When you buy already-assembled furniture, even when it’s being delivered locally, you’re paying a shipping premium for its bulkiness – Ten flat-packed RTA cabinets require less space on a truck than a single assembled unit. Less volume means lower fuel cost and handling expense.

You also save money on labor costs. Just like any other DIY project, RTA kitchen cabinets save money because you’re assembling and installing them yourself.

When you buy already-assembled furniture, you’re paying ​yourself​ instead of pricey local labor costs. You’ll also have the satisfaction of a job well done when you assemble it yourself

Assembling RTA cabinets

By definition RTA stands for Ready-To-Assemble. Unlike most home-made (or professionally-built) kitchen cabinetry our product is easy to assemble. All the tools needed are a drill, utility knife and a multi use screw driver. As far as material goes, all you will need is included in each package.

The cabinet panels and hardware are all pre-cut and pre-drilled to fit together tightly. Assembling RTA cabinets that feature your own choice of design, finish and hardware is an especially satisfying experience. With clear and simple instructions on our site, assembling your RTA kitchen cabinets is an easy project for one person.

To create your own perfect kitchen design just fill out the Kitchen Design Form​. Be sure to include measurements of your space, and it’s also helpful to attach a handwritten drawing of the space.

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