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White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. Whether you prefer painted white cabinets or an antique white finish, these affordable white kitchen cabinet ideas can give your home a clean, airy vibe. With modern white kitchen cabinets, your home will never look “dated” or out-of-style.

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How much white is right for your kitchen?

White cabinets are bright and clean, and they make kitchen remodeling and interior decorating easier because they can be paired with any other color to create beautiful results. Also, white cabinets tend to make your kitchen (or bathroom!) look bigger and cleaner.

To get the best results, you should make sure that a white kitchen has enough color and texture. We’ve listed some white kitchen cabinet ideas that can turn any ho-hum space into a cook’s paradise.

Add wood & other textured materials to your white kitchen

The easiest way to add warmth is by using wood or other natural materials with textured surfaces. For example, simply by pairing wooden or colored granite countertops with modern white kitchen cabinets, you’ll have the best of both worlds.


A clean, airy vibe that’s warm and inviting to cooks and guests alike. Decorative rugs, butcher blocks, or wooden handicrafts will also work well.

Colored appliances & accents

Likewise, any all-white kitchen can be highlighted by using brightly-colored appliances or decorative accents. Brass or black metal hardware can add plenty of focal points for visual balance, and countertops with color or texture can add plenty of life. Green plants are also a great way to liven up the space.

Industrial kitchen design

White kitchen cabinet ideas can turn any industrial space into a beautiful showplace. In any home with exposed brick walls or metal pipes, such as in many lofts and industrial conversions, the right antique white or shabby chic finish will truly bring your living space to life.

The overall winner in kitchen remodeling

It’s no secret that white kitchens are the most popular. We receive more inquiries about this color than any other type of finish. Combined with the right decorating ideas, white-colored cabinets are an excellent choice. If you’re wondering how your own kitchen might look when dressed in white, Contact Us.

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