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K-Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

A 10×10 kitchen layout is your industry standard for comparing cabinet costs for various door styles. It is the fastest way to figure out which door style fits your budget. It usually consists of an L-shaped kitchen design with various cabinet sizes.

Here at we have come up with our own 10×10 kitchen so our customers can compare costs between designs. Below you will find our 10×10 item list consisting of 10 cabinets and 2 accessories. Also check out our 3D renderings to give you an idea of some of our extra services here at Depending on the shape and size of your kitchen the final cost may vary.

If you need help measuring and figuring out your kitchen please check out our kitchen measurement guide.

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Items Included In Our Standard 10×10 Kitchen Price
  • BBLC42 – Blind Corner Cabinet
  • SB36 – 36″ Sink Base Cabinet
  • B18 – 18″ Base Cabinet
  • B33 – 33″ Base Cabinet
  • W1830 (x2) – 18″W x 30″H Wall Cabinet
  • W2130 – 24″W x 30″H Wall Cabinet
  • W3330 – 33″W x 30″H Wall Cabinet
  • W3015 (x2) – Two 30″W x 15″H Wall Cabinet
  • WDC2430 – 24″W x 30″H Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet
  • BF3 – 3″ Base Filler
  • TK8 (x2) – Two 8′ Toe Kick

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