Greystone Shaker

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Looking for a stylish and modern cabinet line that will add a touch of elegance to your home? The Greystone Shaker cabinet is the perfect addition to a new kitchen, or to a remodeling project. Thanks to the grey color and wooden finish, it complements any type of kitchen and works amazingly well with aluminum or metal appliances. Featuring full overlay door style, 3/4″ solid maple door frame, and 3/4″ solid maple face frame construction, our cabinets are designed to last. The MDF with maple veneer door center provides a beautiful finish that resists expansion. And our solid wood dovetail construction drawers come with a natural finish for a beautiful look. Plus, our soft close drawers and doors make this line not only stylish but also practical.

It comes equipped with 6-way adjustable hinges that feature the soft-close system. Its maple frame and solid maple doors make for an exquisite show of personality. The inside of the unit matches the color of the exterior.

This RTA cabinet comes boxed, together with all the instructions needed for assembly. This unit is on sale, so hurry up and order it now to save big.

  • Full Overlay Door Style (butt doors)
  • 3/4″ Solid Maple Face Frame Construction
  • 3/4” Solid Maple Door Frame
  • MDF with maple veneer Door Center (to avoid expansion)
  • Recessed Square Door and 5 Piece Drawer Front
  • 1/2″ Plywood boxes – Grade A
  • 3/4″ Grade-A Plywood Shelves
  • Finished Door Matching Cabinet Interior and sides
  • Solid Wood Dovetail Construction Drawers (natural finish)
  • Undermount, Full Extension Drawers with Soft Closing Feature
  • Fully Concealed 6-Way Adjustable Soft Close Door Hinges
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Our Greystone Shaker cabinets are the ideal solution for the do it yourself homeowners who are looking to upgrade their kitchen for a low price. It is also an excellent line for contractors looking to save some money for their next project with flexibility and ease. Our RTA cabinets come flat packed in carefully packaged boxes to ensure nothing gets damaged; just open the box and you are ready to assemble. The assembly time may vary depending on the type of cabinet, it should take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes for each cabinet. Our step by step instruction will help you with this process:

Shipping Time: All cabinet orders take 2 business days to process and 5-14 business days to ship to your home, based on availability.
Style: Full Overlay
Side Panels: Finished Side Panels
Face Frame: 3/4 Solid Birch
Door Frame: 3/4 Solid Maple
Door Center: MDF with Maple Veneer
Sides: 1/2″ A-Grade plywood with wood veneer. Finished both inside and out
Top & Bottom (Wall): 1/2″ A-Grade plywood with wood veneer
Bottom (Base): 3/8″ A-Grade plywood with wood veneer
Back Panel: 1/2″ Picture Frame Recess Style
Shelves: 3/4 ” A-Grade plywood with wood veneer
Base Cabinet Shelf Depth: 1/2
Drawer Boxes: Solid Wood 17mm (close to 3/4″) sides, Drawer bottom 1/2″ plywood, Drawer length 21″. Dovetail construction, Natural finish.
Drawer Glides: Undermount, full extension with soft closing feature
Base Corner Supports: Wood corner brackets with wood I-beam construction
Hinges: Concealed 6-way adjustable with Soft Closing Feature
Cabinet Interior: Matches door color
Cabinet Interior with Glass Matches door color
Assembly Method: Steel Clip
Finish: Waterborne UV Finish
Toe Kick: 1/2″ Plywood (sides of the toe kicks will be unfinished)
Wall Cabinet Bottoms: Yes, with finished exterior
Certifications Greenguard Gold Certified
Door Hinges: By default, the cabinet door is hinged to the right. If you have a wall cabinet, you can flip the face frame to change the hinge side. For base cabinets, you will need to unhinge the door, flip it over, attach the screws to the opposite side, and fill the original screw holes (a touch-up kit can be purchased for this).
  • The full-overlay door style creates about a 1/4″ clearance on the edge.
  • If you want to install this type of cabinet style directly against a wall or deeper cabinet and still have the door open 90 degrees, you need to install scribe molding between the cabinet and the wall (or deeper cabinet).
  • Without scribe molding, the door may not open all the way.
  • To have a full opening, a space of at least 1/4-1/2″ is necessary, and sometimes more depending on the decorative hardware used on the cabinets.
  • The cabinet depth measurement listed is the depth from the front of the face frame to the back of the cabinet and does not include the cabinet door depth.
  • Cabinet specifications can change without notice.
  • Cabinet measurements are typically converted from metric to inches and manufacturers may round up to the nearest 1/4 inch, which can cause a measurement to be slightly off (less than 1/4″), but this is within normal industry standards.
  • Schematic images and renderings are generic and may not represent exact construction details for each collection.
  • For exact specifications, refer to the construction details listed above.

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AG-TK8: Greystone Shaker Toe Kick

Width: 96" | Height: 4 1/2" | Depth: 1/2''
List Price: $ 99.00
Our Price: $ 49.50

You Save: $49.50 - 50.00% OFF

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Forevermark Greystone Shaker Door Sample

SKU: CS-AG-Sample-Door
Width: - | Height: - | Depth: -
List Price: $ 78.75
Our Price: $ 44.10

You Save: $34.65 - 44.00% OFF

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AG-PINT: Greystone Shaker Stain – 1 Pint

Width: - | Height: - | Depth: -
List Price: $ 100.00
Our Price: $ 57.50

You Save: $42.50 - 42.50% OFF

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AG-WF396-3/4: Greystone Shaker 3×96″ Tall Filler

Width: 3'' | Height: 96" | Depth: 3/4''
List Price: $ 149.00
Our Price: $ 74.50

You Save: $74.50 - 50.00% OFF

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AG-SC1-3 (SM): Greystone Shaker Scribe Molding

Width: 1/4'' | Height: 3/4" | Depth: 96"
List Price: $ 40.00
Our Price: $ 20.00

You Save: $20.00 - 50.00% OFF

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AG-SC6 (SM): Greystone Shaker Shoe Molding

Width: 1/2'' | Height: 3/4" | Depth: 96"
List Price: $ 65.00
Our Price: $ 32.50

You Save: $32.50 - 50.00% OFF

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AG-CM96K-4: Greystone Shaker Crown Molding

Width: - | Height: 4 1/2" | Depth: 96"
List Price: $ 283.00
Our Price: $ 141.50

You Save: $141.50 - 50.00% OFF

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AG-WF342-3/4: Greystone Shaker 3×42″ Wall Filler

Width: 3'' | Height: 42" | Depth: 3/4''
List Price: $ 69.00
Our Price: $ 34.50

You Save: $34.50 - 50.00% OFF

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AG-CM96: Greystone Shaker Crown Molding

Width: 2 1/2" | Height: 1 7/8" | Depth: 96"
List Price: $ 149.00
Our Price: $ 74.50

You Save: $74.50 - 50.00% OFF

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AG-TUP: Greystone Shaker Touch up kit

Width: - | Height: - | Depth: -
List Price: $ 30.00
Our Price: $ 23.00

You Save: $7.00 - 23.33% OFF

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AG-B18: Greystone Shaker 18″ 1 Drawer 1 Door Base Cabinet

Width: 18" | Height: 34 1/2" | Depth: 24''
List Price: $ 521.00
Our Price: $ 260.50

You Save: $260.50 - 50.00% OFF

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AG-BF3-3/4: Greystone Shaker 3″ BaseFiller

Width: 3'' | Height: 34 1/2" | Depth: 3/4''
List Price: $ 73.00
Our Price: $ 36.50

You Save: $36.50 - 50.00% OFF

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