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Slim Shaker Cabinets

Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Explore the refined elegance of our Slim Shaker Cabinets, a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and timeless craftsmanship. The Slim Shaker range offers a sleek, contemporary rendition of the cherished classic, maintaining the meticulous handcrafted quality inherent to traditional Shaker design.

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What are Slim Shaker Cabinets?

Slim Shaker cabinets are a contemporary spin on the ageless shaker style. Slim Shaker cabinets offer a narrower, sleeker border around the door edges. Commonly referred to as skinny, thin, or narrow shakers, these cabinets merge modern sophistication with the traditional shaker charm. With their rise in popularity, chiefly among professional kitchen and interior designers, the Slim Shaker cabinets have carved a unique segment in the market. As slim shaker cabinets for sale increase in demand, understanding their history and attributes becomes essential.

Key Facts:

  • The slim shaker style was initially introduced in 2018 and rapidly became a favorite among homeowners and builders.
  • Slim shaker doors feature an overall thickness between 7/8’s up to 1”.
  • A blend of Mid-Century Modern, Boho Chic, Modern Transitional and Organic Modern design styles have helped to propel the popularity of the slim shaker.
  • These cabinets can also be identified by various names such as Thin Shaker, Tiny Shaker, Narrow Shaker, Skinny Shaker, Small Shaker, and Micro Shaker.

Distinguishing Slim Shaker Cabinets from Traditional Shaker Cabinets

The central difference between Slim Shaker cabinets and traditional shaker cabinets lies in their border width. Traditional shakers feature a broader 2-3” flat border around the door edges, whereas Slim Shakers are defined by their slender Β½-1” border. This gives the Slim Shaker its distinct modern flair while retaining the minimalist appeal of the classic Shaker design.

Additional Differences

  • Slim Shaker cabinets can be slightly pricier than their traditional counterparts due to their unique design, though price ranges can vary widely.
  • The narrower trim on slim shaker doors might restrict hardware choices compared to the broader border of traditional shaker doors, leading to hidden or thin pulls that complement the slim design.
  • While traditional shaker cabinets might present more color and stain options, both styles can be tailored to personal preferences.
  • Slim Shaker cabinets, thanks to their simpler design, necessitate less prep work for future paint or stain jobs and are easier to clean due to the absence of an ornate border trim.

Decorating with Slim Shaker Cabinets

The sleek, modern lines of Slim Shaker cabinets serve as a perfect base for various decorating ideas. Their design grants flexibility to complement almost any color or texture in your interiors. Most homeowners lean towards neutral shades, providing ample opportunity to introduce vibrant or pastel accent colors in kitchen appliances and other fixtures.

For an insightful look into how your kitchen or bathroom might appear with Slim Shaker cabinetry, fill out our Kitchen Design Form. Ensure you provide accurate measurements of the space and attach relevant images if possible.

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