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Our Top 5 Laundry Room Hacks—Time To Remodel!

No matter who you are, where you live, or what you make a living doing laundry is the inevitable evil. And whether you’re the type of person who likes to wait until all of the laundry is piled up so that you can focus on one giant load, or you’re more methodical in your approach and focus on a little at a time… this is still a time-consuming chore.

However, if you have an organized space to do laundry, washing clothes won’t feel as overwhelming! Here are five laundry room hacks and why you should consider shifting things in your own space.

1. Make Your Design Intentional

What does it mean to have an ‘intentional’ laundry room space? Well, like anything done with purpose, your laundry room should have usability and convenience as the focus. Before you jump into an entire remodel, though, take a look at the way the room is laid out. Does it make sense, or do you need to move the laundry bins closer to the washer and dryer? Are you able to reach items on the top shelves, or do you need to add a portable footstool in the room? Can you find what you need, or should you purchase bins and labels?

Make Your Design Intentional White Cabinet Cabinet Select

These are just a few silly questions, but they’re worth asking as you consider who uses the room, how often, and what you can do to make the time spent a little less of a hassle. As you answer those questions, make the shifts accordingly. Consider a rolling hamper to make mobility a breeze, clear storage bins so that you can see your items and a foldable stool that can be tucked away when not in use.

2. Deep-Clean Your Floors

Sometimes our spaces look messy and unkempt, simply because we haven’t taken the time to deep-clean them! Your laundry room is a space where soiled clothes are always tossed and dirt inevitably finds its way into the cracks and crevices. Plus, if your space doubles as a mudroom, that means anything from football field mud to sidewalk snow can be on the floor!

Deep Clean Your Floors Cabinet Select

Adding extra laundry baskets to your laundry area can also help to keep the floor clean. This hack isn’t exactly about saving space, per se, but rather making sure there’s enough room for all of your dirty clothes, cleaning, and laundry supplies with extra storage. Adding additional baskets will help keep everything organized and accessible while keeping things tidy. Plus, these baskets can double as handy storage options for other areas around your house. For example, you could store toys, blankets, linens, etc., inside each basket.

If you’re looking for one of the quickest laundry room hacks, here it is: use your cleaning supplies and take the time to deep clean your floor. You’ll be surprised what a difference this makes.

3. Redesign Your Cabinet Look & Use

Closed laundry room cabinets (ones with doors) can create a refined and clutter-free look in your space. If you prefer this style, then consider painting your cabinets with color or updating the handles to create a new look and design (without the hefty price tag).

On the flip side, if you choose to have open cabinets (without doors) you can reimagine the look and feel by using open storage bins, handcrafted labels, and intentional design.

Redesign Your Cabinet Look And Use White Cabinet Cabinet Select

It’s also worth considering what else you may use the laundry room for. If it’s a place for people to take off their shoes before entering your home, you may want to designate a ‘shoe’ or even ‘coat’ area (think: mudroom). These sections of the space can be labeled and match the open concept of your cabinetry perfectly.

4. Save Space with ‘Stackables’

When it laundry room hacks for saving extra space, consider anything that stacks. This can be as simple as some bins and hooks in your cabinet shelves… or as complex as investing in a washer machine and dryer that sit on top of one another. The latter is more expensive, of course, but the stacking creates more usable vertical space which is often hard to come by, especially in smaller homes. Plus, the front-loading washers are a bit more efficient on top of boasting a sleeker design.

Save Space With Stackables Cabinet Select

It’s also worth noting that stacking can make the laundry room more accessible. As you grow older, having the ability to safely navigate the space is important.

5. Consider A Full Upgrade

There’s no doubt about it, laundry rooms have evolved over the years. In the past, just a simple washer machine and dryer would do, as the focus was on fulfilling the basics. Now, laundry rooms are often separate areas of a home with dedicated cabinetry, shelving, and space.

Consider A Full Upgrade Gray Cabinet Cabinet Select

If your laundry room is a little outdated, you may want to consider a complete upgrade. This may mean ripping out old cabinets and replacing them with new ones, installing a clothing rack, or even adding a sink/wash bin to help with any stains that need to be pre-treated before going in the wash. You don’t always have to go big when remodeling your laundry room.

There are many ways to save space without sacrificing functionality. Whether you decide to add an island, replace the sink. stackable washer and dryer, or simply paint your existing walls, you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed after completing the project.

Your laundry room is one of the spaces you do the most work in. Plus, it’s a room that will always be put to good use since washing clothes is a necessary evil. And because of its high use, it’s a space that buyers are often looking more closely at when they determine a home’s value. As such, a laundry room upgrade may be worth investing in. A little goes a long way!


Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a writer/editor, teacher, and bonus mama based in San Diego, California. She’s the founder of two small businesses and loves writing about anything related to career, home, organization, decorating, self-love, relationships, and parenting.

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