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5 Clever and Affordable Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are you one of those people who loves an organized kitchen? Having everything where and how you want it helps make meal prep a breeze.

Here are 5 kitchen cabinet storage organization tips that will keep your kitchen running smoothly and looking great!

1. A Friend Named Lazy Susan

When I was a kid, I remember my mother using an avocado green lazy susan in our pantry. I twirled it around every time I opened the door, even if I didn’t need anything it was holding. Of course this annoyed my mother to no end which is probably why I did it!

Thankfully, the lazy susan has gotten a makeover and is now a very efficient way to utilize space in a base kitchen cabinet.
It is the perfect way to use awkward corner space in a kitchen or laundry room.

Corner Cabinet Built In Organizer

2. Taking Out the Trash

Talk about easy and being a game-changer when it comes to kitchen cabinet organization, trash cans in a kitchen cabinet are the best.

Pull Out Trash Cabinet

I love the fact this pull-out trash cabinet holds two good-sized trash bins. You can use one for trash and the other for recycling.

Having the trash cans next to your sink or prep area makes it easy to dispose of your waste and helps keep your floors clean. No more having to walk across the kitchen, simply open the drawer and sweep your scraps into the trash cans.

Another great advantage of having this in your kitchen is the fact your trash cans are hidden and out of sight! Nothing worse than looking into a beautiful kitchen and seeing garbage cans!

3. Divided Cutlery Drawers Keep You Straight

Drawer organizers keep cutlery separated and make it easy to find what you need, when you need it. This amazing cutlery divider can be added to almost any drawer and can be used to house silverware and also kitchen knick-knacks.

Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Another idea to help keep things straight in the kitchen is to keep things like tin foil, sandwich bags and wax paper together in a drawer and close to your prep area. You’ll save time reaching for these things as you cook or are making school lunches.

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4. Use Floating Shelves to Save Space

Using floating shelves can be an inexpensive way to use open space or achieve a different look in a kitchen.

Floating shelves are very easy to install and give a feeling of openness to a room. You can display unusual dishes or use them to hold everyday items like plates and saucers.

Adding shelves brings a different dimension and look to a room, it changes the “vibe” without overcrowding an area.

Take a look at the shelves in this photo, they are not very big but they bring a cool, different look and feel to the kitchen.

Kitchen Floating Shelf

5. Bottoms Up

Glassware takes up a lot of space in kitchen cabinets, if you use certain glasses every day, it makes sense to have them close at hand. But if you don’t, finding creative ways to store them without sacrificing space is just good kitchen cabinet organization!

Wine glasses usually come out for special occasions and holidays, when they’re not being used, they are stored away in a kitchen cabinet. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, this can be an issue.

Here at CabinetSelect, we recently installed a hanging wine glass holder under the built-in wine rack. Our client was able to store her glasses and gain a trendy look in her kitchen. Double win!

Built In Wine Rack

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these kitchen cabinets and floating shelf organizing ideas and can use them in your kitchen.

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Katie Alexander

Hi, I’m Katie. My goal is to share fun and interesting ideas, tips, and recipes to help you make the most of your kitchen, bath, and mudroom cabinets.

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