White Cabinets With Black Appliances: 17 Stunning Kitchens

The White kitchen cabinets with black appliances looks has surged in popularity the past couple of years, capturing the hearts of homeowners and interior designers. This striking monochromatic color scheme presents a modern, timeless, and elegant aesthetic that transforms kitchens into captivating spaces and allowing the introduction of other colors to be used as focal points or highlights.

This color combination or to be more specific the absence of color has also capture the interest of our design and content team here at CabinetSelect and we are welcoming you to dive us and explore its rise in the world of interior design, and the art of perfectly blending contrasting elements. Discover with us how to maintain the impeccable aesthetics of your kitchen, while also addressing common questions about the trend’s impact on home value and style.

The Rise of White Cabinets and Black Appliances

White kitchen cabinets paired with black appliances have become a major design trend for eclectic audiences, and we can see this trending steadily as a search topic in Google Trends.

White Cabinets Black Appliances Trend Graph

This trend along with trends like “kitchens with all black appliances” isn’t confined to any single geographical location; but it is more prevalent in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and we are foreseeing this to grow since companies are now producing more appliances in shades like matte black and black stainless steel.

The white cabinets offer a timeless touch, and black appliances bring in a dash of elegance. Together, they create a sharp contrast without being too flashy. The white cabinets can brighten up the space and offset the dark appliances, ensuring your kitchen space feels open and airy. Plus, black and white kitchens can be a classic choice that can blend well with other colors.

Modern White Cabinets Black Fridge 15

Shifting Away from All-White Kitchens

Even though many homeowners like all-white kitchens, we’ve noticed more and more requests on our website asking for more intriguing designs with different colors and styles. With the recent boom in home buying and the rising costs of goods, people are spending more time at home, hosting friends and family. This makes our homes a reflection of who we are, leading to more unique and varied designs.

The blend of the white kitchen cabinets and black appliances captures this evolution perfectly, and beyond the aesthetics, the mix of these two colors together (when designed properly) can push both the functionality and visual appeal of your kitchen. The interplay of contrast not only imparts a contemporary allure but also fosters an inviting ambiance within the heart of your home.

White Cabinets Contrast Black Appliances 3

How to Perfectly Blend Black Appliances with White Cabinets

Achieving the perfect balance between white cabinets and black appliances depends on thoughtful consideration of all kitchen elements. Here are some design tips on how to flawlessly fuse these two opposing colors into a harmonious whole:

Cabinet Hardware:

To harmonize your white cabinets and black appliances, focus on the finer details. Incorporate black or gold handles and knobs to tie the design together or create an eye-catching contrast. The hardware’s finish can dictate the overall tone of the space, allowing you to tailor it to your desired aesthetic.

Cabinet Styles:

White color cabinets come in all styles and types contributing a distinct personality to your kitchen. As an added benefit white kitchen cabinets are usually priced lower than any other color due to demand and production. You can consider European style flat panel gloss cabinets for a sleek and modern contemporary look, the classic shaker cabinets for the ultimate “white Kitchen” look and raised-panel white cabinets for a more traditional look, European style flat panel gloss cabinets for a sleek modern design. resonate with a timeless feel.

Cabinet Colors:

With the evolution of RTA Cabinets you can now find hundreds of color options for your kitchen cabinets, You can pick your accent colors to help you blend your kitchen. Use grey or beige to help complement the black appliances, use black cabinets to create statements within your space and shift your focus away from your appliances and you can use natural wood tones to break the monotone look of the white kitchens cabinets and black appliances and bring earth elements within your design.


In the realm of countertops, opt for tones of white, gray, or black to balance the high-contrast dynamic of your design. Quartz and granite countertops offer a plethora of options, from bold patterns to understated sophistication. Light-colored countertops maintain the kitchen’s airy ambiance while seamlessly connecting with the monochromatic theme.

Kitchen Faucets:

Extend the trend’s elegance by selecting faucets that enhance the overall aesthetic. Black or stainless steel faucets exude modernity, while gold tones infuse a touch of opulence.
Choose the finish that resonates with your vision and ties into the broader design narrative.

Kitchen Islands:

Unleash your creativity when designing your kitchen island. Experiment with various colors, including deep, muted blues, or natural wood tones to add dimension and flair.
The island can serve as a focal point that effortlessly bridges the gap between white cabinets and black appliances.

Kitchen Lighting:

Thoughtfully curated lighting can highlight your appliances and focal points, shaping the ambiance of your kitchen. Track lighting can elegantly highlight key features, while pendant lights with Pendant lights with black accents over the kitchen island offer both functional illumination and design cohesion.

You can experiment with different color temperature lights to create the proper atmosphere:

  • Soft White Light Color: Calming, Cozy, Warmth, Inviting
  • Cool White Light Color: Clean, Neat, Vibrant, Fresh
  • Daylight Light Color: Alertness, Focus, Sterile


Introducing carefully selected décor elements can breathe life into the monochromatic canvas. Warm wood tones add an inviting touch, vibrant artwork injects energy, and colorful kitchen accessories like rugs, curtains, and dishes create visual interest.

Seize the opportunity to incorporate pops of color, green plants, and elements from the surrounding environment to forge a balanced and captivating design.


Light-colored flooring forms a compelling contrast against black appliances, enhancing the visual impact of your kitchen. Explore options like neutral-hued tiles for a contemporary flair or classic wood flooring for a timeless effect.

Today’s advanced materials offer laminate flooring solutions that emulate the look of high-end wood, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality and easy maintenance.

White Cabinets with Black Appliances Inspiration Gallery

Maintaining the Aesthetics

Cleaning and maintenance are crucial for a high-contrast kitchen to retain its luxury and stay aesthetically pleasing. To achieve the perfect look and maintain it you have to start at the kitchen design phase. Plan out your kitchen layouts and include the proper organizers, add garbage can pull-outs in strategic locations close to your sinks and cutting areas. An efficient layout design is required to curb clutter and ensure everything has its designated place.

If the kitchen is planned properly you can maintain it easily, regularly clean and wipe down black appliances to prevent smudges and fingerprints. Use non-abrasive cleaners to avoid damaging the appliances’ surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a White Kitchen with Black Appliances Increase Home Value?

Research indicates that a well-executed white kitchen with black appliances can indeed elevate a home’s value. The captivating contrast achieved by this color scheme is frequently deemed visually appealing and can contribute to a higher perceived value.

However, it’s important to consider your local market trends and preferences when determining the impact on your home’s value.

Are Black Appliances Back in Style?

Absolutely, black appliances have made a stylish resurgence. Their sleek and modern appearance lends a contemporary edge to kitchens, contributing to an overall sophisticated ambiance.

Black stainless steel appliances, in particular, have garnered attention among homeowners aiming to infuse their spaces with a touch of elegance.

Final Thoughts: Sculpting Your Distinct Kitchen Identity

White kitchen cabinets with black appliances stand as an undeniable testament to the power of contrast. This trend is embraced across the globe and speaks to the timeless elegance that emerges from the harmonious fusion of opposing colors.

As you contemplate the transformation of your kitchen space, remember that the choices you make extend beyond aesthetics alone—they shape the atmosphere and personality of your home. With careful consideration of design elements, maintenance, and trends, you can craft a kitchen that is both modern and has a lasting appeal.

Embrace the art of contrast, and let the elegance of white and black paint be the backdrop for all of your cooking adventures.


Chris Alexakis

Chris is Director of Product & Design here at CabinetSelect.com. He's certified as a Florida State Building Contractor (CBC1256670) with many years of construction experience. Most important, Chris is passionate about kitchen design – Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an old one, he has plenty of experience and the right tools, ideas and solutions to help create a beautiful kitchen in any space, large or small.

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