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20 Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Grey is a color that looks good in many different kitchen designs. Despite what some might think, grey cabinets will be around for a while. They offer a timeless appeal and adaptability, blending nicely with different materials and finishes. Grey cabinets can turn your kitchen into a modern, stylish and inviting space, regardless of the shade. Check out these 20 inspiring grey kitchen cabinets ideas to see how grey can elevate your kitchen’s look.

1. Like a Walk in the Clouds – Soft Grey With Calcutta Marble!

Soft Grey Kitchen Cabinets

The grey cabinets and a granite island, creating a sleek and sophisticated look. The grey tones of the cabinets offer a calm and neutral base, while the granite island gives it the feeling of luxury. The black pendant lights and stools add contrast and depth.

2. Classic and Refined, Like a Black Tie Affair!

Classic Refined Grey Cabinets

This kitchen’s white and grey shaker cabinets are a good mix of light and simple. The sleek grey upper cabinets provide a modern, sophisticated touch, while the white lower cabinets keep the space light and open. The granite countertop ties it all together, creating a cohesive look that’s both stylish and functional.

3. Timeless and Dreamy: Light Grey Shaker with Incorporated Glass and Marble!

Dreamy Luxury Misty Grey Cabinets

The subtle light grey shaker cabinets with slab drawers and white granite countertops, create a sophisticated and airy feel. The brass hardware adds warmth and luxury, while the natural light enhances the soft grey tones.

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4. A Taste of Modern with a Softer Edge – Grey Shaker is Always a Favorite!

Modern Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

These inset dark grey shaker cabinets along with the shelving over the stove and white marble counter tops create a modern kitchen with a touch of traditional look. The grey base cabinets offer plenty of storage space. The deep grey tones contrast beautifully with the bright Granite, giving the space a clean yet cozy feel.

5. Rustic Wood Tones with a Modern Grey Twist!

Shaker Grey Rustic Brown Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen beautifully combines rustic charm and contemporary design and you can create a similar look with our Upton Brown for the island and our Double Shaker Sterling Grey cabinets for the work area. The mix of grey and brown creates a cozy and stylish atmosphere. The granite countertop adds a touch of elegance, while the open layout keeps the space inviting.

6. Stained Grey Finish, Industrial Accents, and Granite!

Industrial Smokey Grey Kitchen Cabinets

These Shaker Greystone Cabinets bring an industrial feel to your kitchen. The deep grey color pairs well with the exposed brick and metal accents, creating a modern, urban look. The large island and spacious countertops make it practical for cooking and entertaining.

7. A Little Mixing and Matching: Blue, Grey, and Natural Shaker. What a blend!

Two Toned Grey Wooden Cabinets

This kitchen combines the natural warmth of wood with the cool, modern charm of smokey grey cabinets. The two-toned design adds visual appeal, while the open shelving and large island make the space functional and inviting. The wooden beams and light wood floors add a perfect rustic touch.

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8. Modern and Sophisticated: Grey Shaker Cabinets with Black Marble – Très Magnifique!

Modern Sleek Grey Shaker Cabinets

This kitchen features sleek grey shaker cabinets paired with striking black accents, creating a modern and stylish atmosphere. The black granite island and backsplash add a touch of luxury, while the clean lines of the grey cabinets keep the look fresh and modern.

9. White and Grey Shaker with a Multi-level Island – Perfect For Everyday Life… and Entertaining!

Smokey Grey Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen uses white and smokey grey shaker cabinets to create a modern and inviting space. The white cabinets bring brightness and a sense of openness, while the grey cabinets add depth and a contemporary touch. Grey Single Oven Cabinets integrate seamlessly into the design, providing functionality and style.

10. Dove and Xterra Blue Shaker… and a Pet Station For Our Furry Friends!

Built In Pet Watering Station

This kitchen looks great and is accessible to every family member, including pets. The combination of light grey cabinets and a blue island gives a fresh, clean look. The built-in pet watering station is a thoughtful addition, keeping the kitchen organized and pet-friendly.

11. White Shaker Cabinets – Clean and Timeless!

Shaker White Cabinets Grey Island

This kitchen features white and dove grey double shaker cabinets for a modern look. The white cabinets brighten the space, while the grey island adds depth. Pendant lights over the island enhance the modern vibe, and the light wood floors keep the space warm and inviting.

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12. Shaker Grey Cabinets with Added Glass Stackers… and a Ladder!

Shaker Grey Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen has nice grey cabinets with black appliances. The dark granite countertops and modern backsplash add depth and classiness, while the open shelving and glass-front upper cabinets provide practical storage. The ladder adds a unique, functional touch, making it easy to access the higher shelves.

13. Dove Grey Shaker is the Perfect Companion For Wood Tones!

Grey Rustic Shaker Dove Kitchen

This kitchen uses Grey Shaker Dove Kitchen Cabinets with rustic elements for a timeless and inviting space. The grey tones offer a subtle, calming effect, while the wooden beams and floors add warmth and character. Glass-front cabinets provide lovely storage, and the large island is perfect for meal prep and family gatherings.

14. Classic and Charming Light Grey Shaker – Like a Cottage!

Light Grey Shaker Cabinets

This kitchen is designed with our Bay Light Grey Shaker Cabinets that give it a look of calmness and elegance. The clean lines and detailed craftsmanship make the space feel classic and fresh. The dark wood floors provide a nice contrast, making the light grey cabinets stand out even more.

15. Modern and Sleek, with Plenty of Room For Friends!

Sophisticated Glam Grey Kitchen

This kitchen features modern grey cabinets and elegant brass fixtures, creating a luxurious and stylish space. The muted grey tones offer a sophisticated backdrop, while the brass pendant lights add a touch of warmth and glamor. Open shelving and a large island provide plenty of space for cooking and socializing.

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16. Eucalyptus and Maple, with beams – Oh my!

Midtown Grey Upton Brown Cabinets

This kitchen has Midtown Grey Cabinets made of eucalyptus, with natural wood elements, creating a cozy and sophisticated space. The grey cabinets offer a nice backdrop, while the wood island and accents add warmth and character. The black tile backsplash adds a touch of modernity, and the open shelving, along with Grey Pull-Out Pantry Cabinets, provide practical storage.

17. Smokey Grey is the Epitome of Pure Elegance!

Smokey Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen features Luxor Smokey Grey shaker cabinets that add a refined, luxurious touch. The rich grey color is perfectly complemented by warm wood accents on the island and the backsplash. Grey wall bridge cabinet merges smoothly, enhancing storage and visual appeal. The combination of textures and tones creates a stylish and functional kitchen, perfect for cooking and entertaining.

18. Who Says You Can’t Have Two Tones of Grey? Not Us!

Shaker Grey Smokey Modern Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen cleverly uses two shades of grey for a striking, balanced look. The darker grey island and lighter grey cabinets create a harmonious contrast. The wooden countertop on the island adds warmth and rustic charm, while the black industrial-style pendant lights reflect the modern vibe.

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19. More Eucalyptus… Love The Texture!

Nova Light Grey Shaker Cabinets

This kitchen features Nova Light grey Shaker Cabinets that bring a subtle sleekness to the space. The light grey color with smoky undertones adds warmth and a contemporary feel. The grey sink base cabinet and a bright, airy layout make this kitchen functional and stylish.

20. Grey Shaker, Black Marble – Match Made in Heaven!

Grey Cabinets With Built In Tilt Out Trays

This kitchen has grey shaker cabinets and black countertops. Built-in tilt-out trays near the sink area make it easy to keep essentials organized and easily accessible. The chic backsplash enhances the kitchen’s clean, uncluttered appearance.


Chris Alexakis

Chris is Director of Product & Design here at CabinetSelect.com. He's certified as a Florida State Building Contractor (CBC1256670) with many years of construction experience. Most important, Chris is passionate about kitchen design – Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an old one, he has plenty of experience and the right tools, ideas and solutions to help create a beautiful kitchen in any space, large or small.

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