What to consider when selecting the perfect bathroom vanity

In days past, little thought was given to bathroom design, and they were treated as a functional space and not much else. Today, bathrooms are fresh, innovative, and stepping out of the basic, cookie-cutter design mold. Bold textures and modern fixtures have taken this space from utilitarian to luxurious.

Unlike kitchens and other rooms in the house, bathrooms tend to be smaller, making it necessary to utilize every inch of space wisely. With this in mind, installing the right ready-to-assemble (RTA) vanity cabinets will help improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom without eating up precious space or your budget.

Which vanity cabinet should you choose?

As you’ll see below, bathroom vanities come in a variety of sizes.  It is important to pay attention to the height, width and depth of the vanity you are considering and ask yourself the following questions before settling on a size:

  • Will the vanity get in the way of opening my shower door?
  • Will it be easy to move around the bathroom once the vanity is installed?
  • Can I clean around the vanity?
  • Will it be next to a light source?
  • Will I need to relocate plumbing or electrical outlets?
  • Does the vanity offer good storage?
  • Is the vanity going in the half-bath, master bath or hall bathroom?

Once you determine the size of your bathroom, functionality, and ease of care, it’s time to pick a cabinet style.

Single and double vanity cabinets

Single vanity cabinets are popular and great for smaller bathrooms, powder rooms, and half-bath designs. The single sink vanity has ample storage for most families and comes with subtle details like dovetail drawers for a classic look and feel.

Signature Pearl Bathroom Vanity | Choose the right bathroom vanity

For larger spaces like master or guest bathrooms, a double vanity cabinet is a better choice. When multiple people are using a bathroom, having two sinks and two mirrors ensures plenty of space for all.

K Cherry Glaze Vanity | Bathroom Vanity cabinets

Double vanity cabinets are often more comprehensive in design and are often outfitted with a vanity drawer and knee drawer for additional storage and accessibility. As a multi-functional centerpiece, your bathroom vanity should be functional but also reflect your style and taste.

Want an elegant master or hall bath?

If you want to make your master and/or hall bath look and feel more luxurious, consider installing a tall vanity cabinet. Master and hall baths often utilize tall vanity cabinets because their added height makes these spaces feel more elegant.

Standard bathroom vanity cabinets are most often used in areas designed for children or when vessel bowl sinks will be installed.

Ask for a cabinet door sample

Picking bathroom vanity cabinets can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure about color, texture and the design you want. Ask for cabinet door samples to help you envision how the entire bathroom will look.

Kitchen Door Samples | Discount Kitchen Cabinets | Cabinet Select

You can also use these samples to help select wall color, flooring, faucets, and lighting to match the desired look and feel of your project!


Chris Alexakis

Chris is Director of Product & Design here at CabinetSelect.com. He's certified as a Florida State Building Contractor (CBC1256670) with many years of construction experience. Most important, Chris is passionate about kitchen design – Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an old one, he has plenty of experience and the right tools, ideas and solutions to help create a beautiful kitchen in any space, large or small.

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