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What Are Cabinet Mouldings?

Cabinet crown moldings are a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom cabinets to add appeal to your remodeling project. We offer a range of decorative cabinet moldings in Alder, Poplar, Cherry, Maple, Oak, and many other styles. This means that you will find the cabinet accent moldings that you need to match your cabinet and make your kitchen project perfect!

Cabinet molding gives your cabinets and living space a customized look that only you will have. Decorative moldings not only look great, but they also help cover gaps between your cabinets and the ceiling or below cabinets. The majority of our decorative moldings are finished in the same color as our bathroom and kitchen cabinets. As a result, your cabinets will look amazing along with the cabinet crown molding of your choice.

Show Your Personality In Any Room

If you are looking for a great looking bathroom or kitchen, remodel then you should not overlook the small details like cabinet crown molding. While our standard cabinets look great, molding helps you bring out the real beauty of your cabinets that will get the attention of guests.

No matter your budget or project, you should consider adding cabinet molding to your cabinet installs since you want your bathroom and kitchen remodeling project to look perfect. From our simple decorations to the elaborate options, our decorative cabinet moldings add design and style. Here are a few ideas to help you envision the best decoration for your living space.

  1. Bring warmth and a dynamic style to any room with intricate patterns and elegant knot patterns.
  2. Project wealth and luxury with swirling floral designs and leafy patterns that echo ancient Greek and Roman motifs.
  3. Evoke the feeling of hand-crafted beauty with craftsman-style molding patterns made just for your cabinets.
  4. Integrate simple shapes and gentle curves to evoke a relaxed and homey feel that is inviting for your guests and loved ones.
  5. Build a one-of-a-kind living space that reflects your personality and style. Your decorative cabinet moldings can make any remodel a great project and tie your entire project together!

You can choose from a variety of cabinet moldings to meet your needs. We carry an assortment of styles, designs, and colors to help you turn your remodel project into a true work of art. We also offer free design consultations so you can find the perfect decorative cabinet moldings to meet your needs!

Different Types Of Cabinet Mouldings

No two remodeling projects are the same, so we offer a range of decorative cabinet moldings in different colors, sizes, and styles. As you choose the best decorations for your cabinet install, you should also think about which variety of decoration for your situation. To help you understand the differences we have various cabinet moldings like:

Crown Molding

This is the most common cabinet moulding, and it is placed at the top of your cabinet install. This decorative wood is an excellent addition to any remodel project and can help make your project look complete.

Stacked Molding

Unlike other decorative cabinet moldings, this option is assembled with several molds on top of each other. This design creates a “stacked” look that produces a dramatic, towering effect to any kitchen or bathroom cabinet install.

Insert Molding

This is a very decorative cabinet molding that is made from inserts that incorporate with the exterior of your cabinet installs. Not only does this decorative molding look amazing, but it can also give the appearance of custom cabinets no matter your budget or design!

Baseboard Molding

This cabinet molding is often used for tall cabinet installations because the molding is placed at the floor level. Baseboard moldings add a great touch because it produces a furniture-like detail that dresses up your living space from floor to ceiling.

Light Rail Moulding

You can use light rail molding to hide under-cabinet lighting fixtures. Not only are you able to add functionality to your cabinets, but you can also use this decorative cabinet molding to produce a soft and subtle look throughout your room. offers the best pricing on Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

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