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Some renovation projects require a quick turnaround time. Maybe you don’t want to lose access to your kitchen for an extended period, or you need bathroom storage fast. CabinetSelect offers in-stock cabinets (also known as in-stock cabinets or stock cabinets), which are high-quality options that allow you to meet your renovation timeline. Get the cabinets you need, shipped to your door within seven days.

In Stock Kitchen Cabinets
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CAS-DCM: Casselberry Saddle 96″ Crown Molding

Width: 3'' | Height: 96" | Depth: 2'' List Price: $ 135.13 Our Price: $ 99.32You Save: $35.81 - 26.50% OFF
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CAS-SCR: Casselberry Saddle Scribe Molding

Width: 3/4'' | Height: 96" | Depth: 1/4'' List Price: $ 27.30 Our Price: $ 20.07You Save: $7.23 - 26.48% OFF
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CAS-TKC: Casselberry Saddle Toe Kick

Width: 1/4'' | Height: 96" | Depth: 4 1/2'' List Price: $ 34.13 Our Price: $ 25.08You Save: $9.05 - 26.52% OFF
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CAS-FBM: Casselberry Saddle Baseboard Molding

Width: 3/4'' | Height: 96" | Depth: 5" List Price: $ 129.68 Our Price: $ 95.31You Save: $34.37 - 26.50% OFF
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CAS-F342: Casselberry Saddle 3″ by 42″ Filler

Width: 3'' | Height: 42" | Depth: 3/4'' List Price: $ 30.03 Our Price: $ 22.07You Save: $7.96 - 26.51% OFF
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CAS-BDEP: Casselberry Saddle Side Base Decorative Panel

Width: 23 1/2'' | Height: 29'' | Depth: 3/4'' List Price: $ 171.99 Our Price: $ 126.41You Save: $45.58 - 26.50% OFF
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CAS-B27: Casselberry Saddle 27″ Double Door Single Drawer Cabinet

Width: 27'' | Height: 34 1/2" | Depth: 24'' List Price: $ 589.00 Our Price: $ 432.92You Save: $156.08 - 26.50% OFF
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SCN-DWR3: Shaker Cinder 3″ Dishwasher End Panel

Width: 24'' | Height: 34 1/2" | Depth: 3'' List Price: $ 105.10 Our Price: $ 77.25You Save: $27.85 - 26.50% OFF
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CAS-SD: Casselberry Saddle Sample Door

Width: 11'' | Height: 15'' | Depth: 3/4" List Price: $ 78.75 Our Price: $ 44.10You Save: $34.65 - 44.00% OFF
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CAS-REPV3096: Casselberry Saddle 3″ Refrigerator Panel 30″ Deep

Width: 30'' | Height: 96" | Depth: 1 1/2'' List Price: $ 269.59 Our Price: $ 198.16You Save: $71.43 - 26.50% OFF
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CAS-F696: Casselberry Saddle 6″ by 96″ Filler

Width: 6'' | Height: 96" | Depth: 3/4'' List Price: $ 147.42 Our Price: $ 108.35You Save: $39.07 - 26.50% OFF
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CAS-LRM: Casselberry Saddle Under Cabinet Molding

Width: 1 1/8'' | Height: 96" | Depth: 3/4'' List Price: $ 139.23 Our Price: $ 102.33You Save: $36.90 - 26.50% OFF
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What Are In Stock Kitchen Cabinets?

In Stock Kitchen Cabinets | Cabinets in Stock |

In-stock kitchen cabinets are ready to assemble cabinet lines that are always ready to be shipped to your home within 7-10 days. The best way to determine the best in-stock cabinet option for you is to email us or fill out a design request. Our cabinet experts will guide you through your purchase from start to finish. Additional charges required for expedited shipping.

How to Choose Stock Cabinets

Before you choose your stock cabinets, you will need to analyze the needs of your space. You will need to consider the materials you prefer, choose the right style of door, as well as the storage needs that fit your lifestyle.

Here are some factors to look for when choosing in stock cabinets:

  • Solid wood or plywood material (we only offer solid wood)
  • Walls at least 1/2 inch thick
  • Full extension, soft close hardware
  • Shipping Times

CabinetSelect provides easy kitchen cabinet ordering online and quick shipping right to your door. We can answer any questions you may have before you select your cabinets.

Are Your In Stock Cabinets Good Quality?

Yes! In-stock cabinets offer the same quality as custom cabinets. CabinetSelect’s in-stock cabinets have the same features you would find in custom cabinetry, but for a fraction of the price. Our in-stock cabinets offer:

  • Framed cabinet with full overlay doors and drawers
  • Under mount full extension soft close drawer guides
  • Concealed, European-style hinges with some close features
  • Five-piece HDF doors
  • Grade A 1/2″ plywood box with UV coated matching exterior
  • UV coated natural interior
  • Glue & staple or metal clip assembly

How much do in stock cabinets cost?

Prices vary depending on the project and cabinet size. Typically, stock cabinets are the least expensive at around $60-200 dollars per linear foot. For a standard 10×10 kitchen, you can expect to pay between $2,500 and $2,800, significant savings from an identical custom cabinet, which can break the bank in the $5,000 range.

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