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Bathroom Cabinets

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Bathroom cabinets can significantly impact the value of your home so it's important to choose the right bathroom storage cabinet for your bathroom remodel. Check out the wide range of bathroom cabinet styles, colors, and even storage options to make the most of your bathroom area!

Casselberry Antique White Kitchen Cabinets | CabinetSelect

Casselberry Antique White

10x10 Kitchen $3,119
Regular Price: $6,239

Casselberry Saddle Kitchen Cabinets | CabinetSelect.com

Casselberry Saddle

10x10 Kitchen $3,114
Regular Price: $6,228

Greystone Shaker Cabinets

Greystone Shaker

10x10 Kitchen $2,422
Regular Price: $4,844

K White Cabinets


Regular Price: $4,459

Luxor Cinnamon Kitchen Cabinets

Luxor Cinnamon

10x10 Kitchen $1,504
Regular Price: $4,530

Luxor Espresso Shaker | Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Luxor Espresso

10x10 Kitchen $2,779
Regular Price: $4,632

Luxor Smoky Grey Kitchen Shaker

Luxor Smokey Grey

10x10 Kitchen $2,779
Regular Price: $4,632

Luxor White Shaker Cabinets

Luxor White

10x10 Kitchen $2,779
Regular Price: $4,632

Midtown Grey Kitchen Cabinets Layout

Midtown Grey

10x10 Kitchen $2,718
Regular Price: $5,436

Nova Light Cabinets | Light Gray Shaker Cabinets

Nova Light Grey Shaker

10x10 Kitchen $2,718
Regular Price: $5,436

Shaker Antique White Kitchen

Shaker Antique White

10x10 Kitchen $2,970
Regular Price: $5,941

Shaker Cinder Kitchen

Shaker Cinder

10x10 Kitchen $3,114
Regular Price: $6,228

Sd Kitchen #2

Shaker Dove

10x10 Kitchen $2,970
Regular Price: $5,941

SG Shaker Grey | US Cabinet Depot

Shaker Grey

10x10 Kitchen $2,983
Regular Price: $5,966

Shakerwhiterev3 Large

Shaker White

10x10 Kitchen $2,966
Regular Price: $5,933

Torrance Dove Kitchen

Torrance Dove

10x10 Kitchen $2,448
Regular Price: $4,957

Torrance White Kitchen

Torrance White

10x10 Kitchen $3,114
Regular Price: $6,228

Townplace Crema Kitchen Cabinets

Townplace Crema

10x10 Kitchen $2,718
Regular Price: $5,436

1440x1080 Kitchenpics 2020 0002 0003 Townsquare Grey 1024x768

Townsquare Grey

Regular Price: $4,844

Uptown White Kitchen Cabinets | Low Cost Kitchen Cabinets

Uptown White

Regular Price: $4,844

York Antique White Bathroom Vanities | Bathroom Vanities using York Antique White

York Antique White

10x10 Kitchen $2,448
Regular Price: $4,957

K Cherry Glaze Kitchen Cabinets

K-Cherry Glaze

10x10 Kitchen $1,878
Regular Price: $3,756

K Cinnamon Glaze Thumbnail

K-Cinnamon Glaze

Regular Price: $3,756

K-Espresso Kitchen Cabinets


10x10 Kitchen $1,878
Regular Price: $3,756

Pepper Shaker Cabinets Thumbnail

Pepper Shaker

Regular Price: $4,681

Ice White Shaker Kitchen

Ice White Shaker

10x10 Kitchen $2,340
Regular Price: $4,681

Sienna Rope Kitchen Island

Sienna Rope

Regular Price: $4,844

Tsg Signature Pearl Kitchen Cabinets Thumbnail

Signature Pearl

Regular Price: $4,844

Gramercy White Kitchen Thumbnail

Gramercy White

Regular Price: $4,844

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PB10-VDB18-34.5: Park Avenue White – 18″W Vanity Drawer Base Cabinet

SKU: CS-PB10-VDB18-34.5
Width: 18" | Height: 34 1/2" | Depth: 21"
List Price: $ 942.00
Our Price: $ 470.25

You Save: $471.75 - 50.08% OFF

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PB10-VDB15-34.5: Park Avenue White – 15″W Vanity Drawer Base Cabinet

SKU: CS-PB10-VDB15-34.5
Width: 15" | Height: 34 1/2" | Depth: 21"
List Price: $ 921.00
Our Price: $ 459.76

You Save: $461.24 - 50.08% OFF

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PB10-VDB12-34.5: Park Avenue White – 12″W Vanity Drawer Base Cabinet

SKU: CS-PB10-VDB12-34.5
Width: 12" | Height: 34 1/2" | Depth: 21"
List Price: $ 894.00
Our Price: $ 446.28

You Save: $447.72 - 50.08% OFF

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Bathroom Cabinets

Features to Look for in Your Bathroom Cabinetry

Bathroom storage cabinets make your bathroom a beautiful place to relax. When you shower in the morning to the time you brush your teeth at night, your bathroom cabinets will be the first and last thing you see throughout the day.

This means that you need to choose bathroom cabinets that help keep your area organized, look amazing, and meet your design needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing bathroom storage cabinets:

  • Space: You need a bathroom cabinet that fits the space of your bathroom. There are different cabinets to choose from, so find the best solution for your bathroom’s space.
  • Drawers: Your family opens and shuts drawers in the bathroom a lot throughout the day. Choose a bathroom cabinet that has sturdy drawer construction.
  • Finishes: Due to the high foot traffic, bathroom cabinets can receive lots of wear and tear. Choose a finish that will resist moisture, heat, and moisture over long periods.
  • Cabinet Doors: Choose a bathroom cabinet door that meets your needs. You can customize your bathroom’s look and make your bathroom more accessible with the right type of bathroom cabinet door style.

Your Guide to Selecting Bathroom Cabinets

Choosing the right cabinet for your bathroom can be challenging. You need to consider the type of materials you want, choose the right door, and get a cabinet that fits your bathroom space. While all of these choices are difficult, the type of vanity bathroom cabinet style you choose could be one of the hardest parts of any bathroom remodeling project.

Here are the three most popular bathroom vanity styles that you can choose from:

  • Corner Vanity: Typically, a smaller bathroom cabinet design is positioned in your bathroom corner. This design helps to save space and helps you position other bathroom items without taking up too much space.
  • Console Vanities: This design of the bathroom cabinet is a great choice to create an open feel. It will help if you are looking for an airy, simple bathroom storage cabinet to meet your design style.
  • Wall-Mounted Vanities: These “floating” vanity cabinets mount directly to the wall. Not only is this style perfect for a sleek and modern look, but they also help save floor space!

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Bathroom Cabinets FAQs

No, your kitchen and bathroom cabinets don’t need to match. However, it would help if you chose a bathroom storage cabinet style that compliments your kitchen cabinets’ style.

Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) cabinets are a popular choice for bathroom remodels because they are easy to put together and much less a pre-assembled bathroom cabinet options.

Trends change all the time, but you can’t go wrong with muted colors when choosing a bathroom cabinet. Instead of installing bright bathroom storage cabinets, you can use lighter colors for your cabinets and brighter accents so your design will stay current.

While you can use kitchen cabinets in your bathroom, it’s best only to use bathroom cabinets in the bathroom area. Kitchen cabinets are made with different materials and dimensions, and you need to make sure your bathroom cabinets can stand up to wear and tear.

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